Ballantyne Safety T-Bar

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Please note T-Bar roof anchors can only be purchased from a reseller we do not deliver to the end user!

Your Ballantyne T-Bar can be purchased through any of our stockist on the locations page.

The Ballantyne Roof Anchors provide a safe secure anchorage point for metal roofing tasks. The Ballantyne T-Bar roof anchor used in conjunction with ropes and harnesses allows the end user to perform tasks on metal roof situations with both fall arrest and travel restraint.

The T-Bar can be used for those small to medium roof jobs -instead of costly scaffold or edge protection.

Ballantyne Roof Anchor System

The new Ballantyne T Bar provides a safe and sure anchorage point for maintenance, building and roofing tasks.

Using a safety line and harness you can connect quickly and easily to the Ballantyne T Bar and work from the opposite of the roof with complete fall protection.


Download a PDF installation guide for the Ballantyne T-Bar.

Please contact one of our stockist for immediate delivery or drop into to their stores and ask for a Ballantyne!