Ballantyne Safety Retractor

A fantastic new product, our device can be screwed on to existing roofs, providing you and your team -15KN fall arrest rating for single person use. Great for all trades that need to work from ladders, be it, installing cable on outside walls, welding from ladder, screwing in conduit to walls( air-con or NBN), cleaning of gutters, installing gutters or simply checking solar panels - any job that requires you to use force while working from ladder or platform.

A 15kn fall arrest rated device combining a permanent shock absorber, Type 2 retractable lanyard, great for all trades that require a compliant fast, safe and secure temporary anchorage while working from ladders or temporary platforms.

Device screwed into the bottom row of screws- for use while working on ladders and temporary platform(only) for extra safety.

The device should not be used on the roof as diversion anchorage- we recommend our range of Claw tether plates for that job or perhaps our world famous T-Bar.